What To Expect

What To Expect

At G.A.P. We understand the frustration and sometimes intimidation that people ,may feel when attending "church services" (it's a good thing that we are more concerned with relationship than we are with religion) which is why we don't have the usual "church services." We believe in creating an atmosphere where it is possible for people to encounter God.

Will there be food?

Oh Yes! We eat at almost every function we have. On Wednesday Nights it is usually pizza, coffee, tea, pastries etc. On Sunday Mornings its coffee and donuts

Will I be asked to give money?

We generally don't take offering, however we accept donations in a box (strategically located next to the food) to offset the cost of refreshments.

What should I wear?

Clothes! Feel free to come as you are.

What is the music like?

We have a live band that usually consists of keys, some guitars and drums. We try to sing only music that inspires free worship and that is also aimed at the heart of God.

What is the teaching like?

Pastor JR is well known for his ability to communicate Gospel truths in a relevant and life changing manner. The messages are usually interactive and technology assisted. We want people to be encouraged to take a stand for Christ and to share His good news with others. The overall teaching is designed in such a way that no matter where you are in your relationship with Christ, you will always leave with something fresh and new!

Can we bring the kids?

Yes. We provide a place for the children to hang out while mom and dad enjoy the word and fellowship.

Will I be bored?

We sure hope not! If your aim is a close and connected relationship with Christ, your experience here will be fulfilling and rewarding. We are a highly active group. We love camping, hiking, bowling, praying, generally having fun and most of all MINISTRY!